Indoor/Outdoor for Floor Coir Doormat

FOB Price: $3.00 – $4.00/ Piece
Min.Order Quantity: 200 Pieces
Supply Ability: 8 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Port: Tuticorin , Chennai
Payment Terms: TT (100 % Advance)


Product Details

Product Type: Coir Product
Style: Dried
Size: 40×60 cm,45×70 cm,50×70 cm,50×80 cm, As Required
Grade: A
Certification: CCR Certificate
Weight: 1.3 Kg to 2.8 Kg
Place Origin: India
Brand Name: Customized Printing
Model Number: CP-CM-001
Color: Plain & Multi Color

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Packing In : 10 Pieces Per Bale Pack
Delivery Time: –

Product Description

Coir mats are made up of 100% natural fibres. These environmentally-friendly, natural fibres are derived from the husk of the coconut. The husk is the water-resistant layer between the outer coating of the coconut and the hard shell inside.The fibres of coir are known for their strength and resilience, after all, they protect the coconut from a variety of conditions, and its waterproof property helps to keep the coconut flesh fresh even if it has floated for many days across the sea.


The reason for the strength of the coir fibres is thanks to the tough, thick walls of the fibre made from insoluble cellulose. Coir fibres also have a high level of lignin which is a substance found in plants that makes the plant woody, brittle and rigid and reduces the chance of the plant rotting.The natural properties of the coir, or coconut husk, make it ideal for matting as it is water-resistant, strong and durable. Furthermore, the eco-friendly nature of the coir makes it the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious customer.



  • Durability:

The robust, resistant nature of coir matting means it is ideal for high traffic areas. Coir matting can last for many years and still provide a great cleaning quality.


  • Natural:

Coir is an entirely natural product which makes it an eco-friendly solution.

This also means it is biodegradable. However, the nature of coir means that will not happen for a very long time.The natural appearance is also ideal for those who want a traditional and authentic look.


  • Cost-effective:

Coir matting is competitively priced and relatively cheap to install. You can cut matting to the size you need using a Stanley knife, meaning you don’t have to rely on specialist tools, machinery or providers to get the perfect-sized mats.


  • Versatile:

Coir matting can come in a range of colours as well as a natural finish. If you choose a natural finish, then direct sunlight may weather the mat, but this usually adds to the finish, giving it a timeless feel. The fact is it easy to cut means that coir matting is ideal for entranceways and door recesses of any size.


  • Prevents slips:

Coir matting is strong enough to scrape dirt and mud off shoes as well as removing water. This can help to avoid a slip hazard as well as limiting mess caused by dirty and wet shoes. Coir mats can then be cleaned when dry with a vacuum cleaner or simply shaking the dirt off outside.


If you want to keep your premises clean and dry, then coir matting may be the ideal, cost-effective choice for your entrance, porch or hallway. You can browse our range of coir matting options at First Mats.

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